Setting a Different Category for Created Rooms

This page describes how to create channels in a different category to the voice creator channel.

PartyBeast can change the category in which new rooms are created. For example you might have “2 man squad” and “4 man squad” Join Here channels right at the top of your Discord navigation panel but want the temporary voice channels in a category right at the bottom of the navigation pane to keep things tidy.

  1. Firstly, make sure you have developer mode enabled in Discord so you can get the IDs of categories. Follow this guide to enable: Here

  2. Type !pbRoomParent in a text channel PartyBeast can see.

  3. PartyBeast will reply showing the config of the current server and asking you which room you want to change the parent of.

  4. If you’ve not made a category for your new temporary rooms or enabled developer mode as instructed above, do this now. Right click on the Category you want new temporary rooms to be created and choose Copy ID.

  5. Once you’ve chosen the Join Here channel you want to change parent for rerun !pbroomparent followed by the number of the Join Here channel and the ID you copied above. Example:!pbroomparent 1 551489010871304211 would edit the first Join Here channel in the config create all new temporary rooms under category with ID 551489010871304211