Enabling Users to Lock Temporary Rooms

This page describes how to to enable users to lock their own temporary channels.

PartyBeast provides the functionality for users to be able to lock rooms preventing others joining. This is especially useful for busy servers where users don’t want to be disturbed or trolled whilst playing with their friends or for offering streamers the ability to play with friends and people in their server without interruption.

  1. Firstly, the ability to lock/unlock rooms is disabled by default. Server admins can enabled this for your server by simply typing !pblock enable into any room which PartyBeast can see.

  2. Users can now type!pblock into any channel which PartyBeast can see locking their channel preventing others from joining.

  3. If a user would like more people to join them they simply type !pbunlock into any channel which PartyBeast can see opening the channel again.

  4. If you want to disable this functionality all together again type !pblock disable into any room which PartyBeast can see.

Note: PartyBeast requires the Manage Roles permissions to make this work. This should be assigned for all new installations of PartyBeast but anyone who installed before 29th December 2019 will need to set this permissions themselves. See Permissions topic for more information.