Enabling Lock and Rename Functions

This page describes how to to enable users to lock their own temporary channels.

PartyBeast provides the functionality for users to be able to lock rooms preventing others joining and also renaming of their temporary channels through /Lock & /Rename

These functions are disabled by default and can be enabled using the /setup command.

  1. Ensure you've completed the Initial Setup.

  2. Go to the server you’ve completed the setup of PartyBeast in and type /setup in a text channel PartyBeast can see.

  3. PartyBeast will reply with the configuration interaction. Choose Enable/Disable Commands:

4. PartyBeast will reply with a menu containing the commands you toggle and their current state:

5. Choose the command you want from the list to enable/disable and PartyBeast will reply with a message confirming the function is now enabled/disabled:

Full usage can be found here

Note: PartyBeast requires the Manage Roles permissions to make this work. This should be assigned for all new installations of PartyBeast but anyone who installed before 29th December 2019 will need to set this permissions themselves. See Permissions topic for more information.

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