Changing the Name of Created Channels

This page describes how to change the name of created channels based on a template.

PartyBeast can change the created temporary room names based on a template of your choice

  1. Ensure you've completed the Initial Setup.

  2. Go to the server you’ve completed the setup of PartyBeast in and type !pbRoomName in a text channel PartyBeast can see.

  3. PartyBeast will reply with showing the config of the current server and asking you which room you want to change the name of.

  4. You have multiple variable options to customise your room names:

    1. %USERNAME% which will add the users name into the room name,

    2. %NICKNAME% which will add the users nickname into the room name and

    3. %INC% which will increment the room names by 1 (they may not appear in order)

    4. %LIST% which will randomly choose a roomname from a list.

    5. %GAME% which will display the current game a user is playing or game if they aren't playing a game currently.

  5. Once you’ve chosen the room you want to change the name of and how you want the room names to display re-run !pbroomname Example:!pbroomname 1 %USERNAME%'s Squad would edit the first join channel in the config and all rooms would get names like “Krankie’s Room”

Note: You cannot mix %INC% and %USERNAME%