Changing the Name of Created Channels

This page describes how to change the name of created channels based on a template.

PartyBeast can change the created temporary room names based on a template of your choice

  1. Ensure you've completed the Initial Setup.

  2. Go to the server you’ve completed the setup of PartyBeast in and type /setup in a text channel PartyBeast can see.

  3. PartyBeast will reply with the configuration interaction. Choose Change Room Names

4. PartyBeast will provide you with a menu listing all the currently configured voice creator channels. Choose the voice creator you want to modify the names for:

5. A new text box will appear asking you to provide a template for how room names should appear when a temporary room is created:

You have multiple variable options to customise your room names:

%USERNAME% which will add the users name into the room name

Example: %USERNAME%'s room would create Krankie's Room

%NICKNAME% which will add the users nickname into the room name Username will be substituted where there is no nickname in use

Example: %NICKNAME%'s Room will create Real Krankie's Room if my nickname was set to Real Krankie

%INC% which will increment the room names by 1 (they may not appear in order)

Example: Room %INC% would create Room 1 then Room 2 etc.

%LIST% which will randomly choose a roomname from a list.

Example: %LIST%London;Paris;Barcelona;Tokyo would create rooms with these names randomly.

%GAME% which will display the current game a user is playing or a game if they aren't playing a game currently.

Example: Playing %GAME% would create Playing Diablo III if I was playing Diablo 3

Note: You cannot mix %INC% and %USERNAME%

6. Type out your room template into the text box and press Submit. PartyBeast will confirm back your template in a reply:

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