Initial Setup

This page describes how to initially setup PartyBeast

PartyBeast requires very little initial setup to get a category with temporary channels working.

1) Invite PartyBeast with this link if you haven't done so already - Click To Invite 2) Once PartyBeast is invited type /setup in a channel PartyBeast can read messages in.

We'd recommend reading the permissions article at this point to ensure you understand the permissions PartyBeast requires to function correctly.

3) If this is the first time you've run /setup in your server PartyBeast will create a new category named NEW PARTYBEAST CATEGORY with a voice creator inside called Join Here and the following message:

You're done, PartyBeast is now setup in its most basic form. You can now add additional voice creator channels, set a templated name for temporary channels or set channels to be created in another category.


As mentioned above PartyBeast requires specific permissions to operate. We have broken these down below into Server, Text Channel and Category Permissions. Any one of these can stop PartyBeast working completely or a specific command to act wonky.

You can use !pbpermcheck <ID> to check permissions of a channel/category. PartyBeast will send you a DM with a list of required permissions with either a ✔️or ❌next to them. You will need to fix the permissions with a ❌next to them for PartyBeast to work as expected.

Note: Replace<ID> with either the category or channel ID you want to check

See the permissions article for more specific information on the permissions required by PartyBeast

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