Permissions required by PatyBeast

Permissions Overview

The below is split up into sections to cover the permissions required by different parts of Discord.

Server Permissions

PartyBeast is invited with the following permissions and requires these to function correctly. If you add PartyBeast to another role beside it's own you will need to ensure that it has these permissions:

  • Manage Server

  • Manage Roles

  • Manage Channels

  • Read Messages

  • Manage Messages

  • View Channel

  • Move Members

Text Channel Permissions

PartyBeast requires certain permissions on text channels to be able to read and responde to commands. If you have a channel specifically for bots and their commands you need to ensure PartyBeast has the following permissions:

  • Read Messages

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Attach Files

  • Read Message History

Category/Voice Permissions

PartyBeast requires certain permissions on it's category to be able to create, delete and manage temporary voice channels under that category. Incorrect permissions on categories will result in behaviour such as not creating or deleting channels and !pblock not working. Ensure the below permissions are set/not denied:

  • Manage Channel

  • Manage Permissions

  • Read Text Channels & see Voice Channels

  • Connect

  • Move Members

PartyBeast inherits permissions from the category level. Therefore if you have connect explicitly set to ✔️for a role that is inherited this will cause !pblock to say it is working but allow all users to still connect to the channel.

!pbpermcheck Command

PartyBeast has incorporated a permissions checker to make finding permissions issues easier.

Running !pbpermcheck <ID> where <ID> is the ID of a channel or category you wish to check will send you a DM with the effective permissions PartyBeast has on that channel or category. Effective Permissions are the permissions PartyBeast has after taking into account all the permissions effects of other roles it might be in.

All the permissions with a ❌ next to them are permissions PartyBeast currently doesn't have.

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