Frequently asked questions that don't fit into a help topic of their own.

PartyBeast won't create or delete channels.

This is nearly always a permissions issue. Check the permissions specifically for the category and channel you've got PartyBeast in. everyone permissions don't work the way a lot of people think they do. Denying things like connect and other items will break bots. We'd recommend reading the permissions article and ensuring your permissions are correct.

Can I have more than one join here channel?

Yes, see the Additional Categories & Voice Creators article.

Can users lock their temporary channels?

Yes, see the Enabling Users to Lock Temporary Rooms article.

Can users rename their temporary channels?

Yes, see the Enabling Users to Rename Temporary Rooms article.

Will you add "X" feature to PartyBeast?

I'll consider it - Join our support server and suggest it in the #feature-requests channel. Make sure your description is thorough so we know what you're trying to achieve and why it would benefit the community.

I think I found a problem with PartyBeast.

Brilliant, you can have a cookie! Join our support server and give a description in the #buig-reports channel. Make sure your description is thorough so we know how to reproduce the issue. "X Feature doesn't work" is the least helpful thing you can provide. "X Feature doesn't work when I do Y and Z" is much more helpful and helps us pinpoint where the problem is.

I'm not good with this stuff. Will you set it up for me?

Absolutely not. We're happy to provide support services but your server is your own and we refuse to join and fix something. In rare cases of bug hunting or behaviour we've not seen before and need to diagnose a fault we may ask for an invite to your server with admin permissions. You should verify that the person your inviting is a developer in the PartyBeast official Discord server before inviting and giving them admin.

Is there a way for me to support PartyBeast?

There certainly is. You can become a Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/partybeast or you can support us for free by giving us a vote on Discord Bots (now top.gg) here: https://top.gg/bot/409822832256876545

Will you open source PartyBeast?

We are advocates for OpenSource, all our servers and backend infrastructure is Linux and both Krankey and Rade_ develop on some flavour of Linux. With that said we're also realists and the amount of copy, pasting and rereleasing without proper credit that happens in the Discord Bot community is absurd. There's even a joke article here about it. With that in mind, no sorry we will not now or ever provide PartyBeast as an OpenSource Project.

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