This page describes how to use the !pbRename command


!pbRename arg1


arg1 (Server Moderator) - Enable or Disable. Only available to Server Moderators to Enable or Disable the renaming of channels for users

arg1 (Users) - Name to change room to. Example: !pbrename Krankey's Teamwould rename the users room to "Krankey's Team"


This command allows:

  • Server Moderator to enable or disable the renaming functionality for all users.

  • User to rename their channels to what ever they wish.

Server Moderators running !pbRename arg1 where arg1 is Enable or Disable will enable or disable the renaming functionality for all temporary channels and all users.

Users running !pbRename arg1 will rename their channel to whatever they pass as arg1to the command. Only the owner of a channel can run this command. Owner of a channel can be found by running !pbOwner‚Äč

Note: !pbRename currently does not have a badwords filter enabled. A customizable filter will be implemented in a future release.