This page describes how to use the !pbRoomParent command


!pbRoomParent arg1 arg2


arg1 - Number of the voice creator you wish to edit. arg2 - ID of the new category you want temporary channels to create under.
This command allows admins to have temporary rooms create in a different category than the one the voice creator is in.
Running !pbRoomParentwithout any argument will return a numbered list of channels you are able to configure.
Use the number in the list to choose the room you wish to configure for arg1. Right click the category you wish new rooms to be created under and click Copy ID to get the required ID for arg2.
Example: If you wished to configure the first item from the list so new rooms were created in a category with ID 551488044780486720 !pbRoomParent 1 551488044780486720.
Note: To see IDs of channels you need to enable Developer Mode. Follow this guide
Note: If you drag a Voice Creator channel into another category AFTER running the above command it will automatically reset the parent for all new temporary channels to the category you have dragged the Voice Creator into.
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